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Forest Schools

The philosophy of Forest Schools is to encourage and inspire individuals of any age through positive outdoor experiences. By participating in engaging, motivating and achievable tasks and activities in the woodland environment, each pupil has an opportunity to develop intrinsic motivation, sound emotional and social skills. Forest Schools has demonstrated success with children of all ages who visit our woodland area on a regular basis and through play and different activities have the opportunity to learn about the natural environment, how to handle risks and most importantly to use their own initiative to solve problems and co-operate with others. At Forest Way School, our Forest Schools programmes run throughout the year in all weathers. We have suitable outdoor clothing to protect the pupils in all weather. Students use full sized tools, play, learn boundaries of behaviour; both physical and social, establish and grow in confidence, self-esteem and become self-motivated.

Forest Schools

Forest Schools sessions aim to develop:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Regulation
  • Intrinsic motivation
  • Empathy
  • Good social communication skills
  • Independence
  • A positive mental attitude, self-esteem and confidence

Our students need time to thoroughly explore their thoughts, feelings and relationships. This time and reflective practice helps develop understanding of the world, the environment and everything within it through the use of emotions, imagination and senses.

This last year there has been lots of opportunities for our pupils to go outside and enjoy the woodland area. They have been learning how to use tools safely and then make shelters and dens using natural materials. Pupils have learnt fire pit protocols and enjoyed making fires and outdoor cooking. Team games and exploration have been part of the sessions that have been particularly enjoyable. Children from all key stages have been out and a recent project where pupils are working together is to make a wild flower meadow area, which is in the early stages. Pupils have had opportunities to go out on trips to different places such as Beacon Hill, Conkers and Ulverscroft Manor to compare different environments and flora and fauna. Some of the older students have enjoyed clearing out the weed and bulrushes from the pond area and also taking out unwanted trees from in ditches. These have been stripped to leave natural resources for other projects in the woods.

Forest Schools

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