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Post 16 (16-19 years)

In post 16 we enjoy a varied and interesting curriculum to prepare us for life beyond school. We go out of school to learn in different environments and are encouraged to be as independent as possible. Our curriculum is based on Foundation Learning and life skills, and functional Maths and English.

These are some of the exciting things we do:

Links with King Edward School

We use the facilities at King Edward VII School including the swimming pool and fitness suite. This has enabled the more able students to make fantastic progress with both their skills and fitness. Students from King Edward have been working alongside us in practical lessons such as ‘Cook and Eat’. In this we plan a 2 course meal and consider the costs, difficulty of recipe and the time needed to prepare the dishes. We go into Coalville to buy the ingredients for the recipes and then bring them back to Forest Way. Every Wednesday we take our ingredients to the cooking room at King Edward VII where we make and then eat our meal, giving each other feedback afterwards and thinking about how we might improve our recipes.

Hair and Beauty

We work alongside King Edward VII students in the Salon staffed by a qualified Hairdresser and Beautician. We learn how to wash, dry and style hair, as well as make-up and nail-art.


We access courses at Stephenson’s College Coalville and Loughborough College such as Painting and Decorating, Car Mechanics, Bricklaying, Fitness, Music and Photography. These are led by College Staff. This helps students to become more independent and experience a college situation.

Work Experience

We complete a range of work experience at school such as supporting in the school office and helping our premises staff, include supporting younger pupils activities such as TacPac, Sherbourne and Soft Play and supporting as Sport Leaders.

We accompany the horse riding group, and have supported the younger children in mounting and leading the horses and sorting out the equipment.

At Conkers in the National Forest, we get practically involved by planting and fence building and enjoy working alongside the staff there.

Community Skills

We go out on a regular basis into Coalville and further afield to Ashby and Loughborough. We learn how to catch a local bus to ask for or find what we need in the shops and cafes. We also catch the train into Leicester from Loughborough. Sometimes we visit to a pub for lunch!


Come and visit our Post-16 cafe! We plan what we need and purchase stock, organised shifts to run the cafe during Friday mornings and serve customers and keep the cafe running as a business. We regularly check stock, take customer feedback and adapt stock to meet the customers' preferences and requests.

The Sweetshop

We run a weekly sweetshop for staff and students. This means we carry out market research and with support from our business manager write a business plan. This involves buying at a good price, calculating quantities, prices and profits. Each student has a job, and these include shop assistants, shop manager, stock controller and accounts manager.

Post 16 (16-19 years)

Post 16 (16-19 years)

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