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Dinner money for 2018/19 is £2.20 per day (£11.00 per week). Drinks and snacks contributions remains at 40p per day (£2.00 per week).

The drinks and snacks contribution of £2.00 per week is voluntary and used to provide pupils with healthy drinks and snacks at break times and food for cooking. The provision of this service is increasingly being subsidised by the school and your contributions are greatly appreciated.

For your information, the following shows the costs per half term:

  Dinner Money Drinks & Snacks
Autumn Half Term 1 £72.60 £13.20
Autumn Half Term 2 £99.00 £18.00
Spring Half Term 1 £63.80 £11.60
Spring Half Term 2 £66.00 £12.00
Summer Half Term 1 £50.60 £9.20
Summer Half Term 2 £63.80 £11.60
Grand Total for the year £415.80 £75.60

All payments must be made via Parent Pay. Please contact the school office if you need any assistance with this.

Free School Meals

All children in Foundation / KS1 (Acorns 1, 2 & 3) are entitled to universal free school meals.

Families with low income / on benefits may also be entitled to free school meals for their child. Please contact the School Food Support Service on 0116 305 5000 to confirm eligibility.

Even if your child is entitled to a universal free school meal, it is still important to confirm eligibility for free school meals as this will enable the school to obtain further government funding to provide additional support to your child (referred to as Pupil Premium Funding).

School Food Support Service

School meals are provided by Leicestershire School Food Support Service. You can contact them on:

Telephone: 0116 305 5000


The School Food Support Service
Room 400 Pen Lloyd Building
County Hall

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